What Caused the American Revolution?

The American Revolution was the result of a longstanding dispute between the American colonists and the British over the British constitutional tradition. The colonists claimed that they had the same rights as those in England, and that they did not lose them by coming over to America. The colonists had several local assemblies to discuss and legislate over matters regarding the colonies, and they claimed that those assemblies were instituted to protect their rights as Englishmen. Their assemblies, they claimed, were not a gift from the king. They were there because of years of customary practice as well as the English right to representative government.

The colonists said that it was the job of their assemblies to decide matters pertaining to everyday life and local events in the colonies, and that it was the job of the English government to take care of foreign policy, trade, and war as they did not pertain directly to the colonies.

The British, on the other hand, believed in Parliamentary supremacy. They said that if the parliament says so, then it is legitimate. The British said that the system the colonists enjoyed for years was only in place because it worked, and that they had full authority to retract those liberties at any time it if pleased them.

An example of this is the Stamp Act, which was put into effect in 1765. The stamp act was resisted strongly by the colonists, who viewed this as an example of a tax not levied by their own representatives. This is only one example of the tensions between the mother country and the colonists. There were many other instances of taxes and acts opposed by the colonies, and these incidents led up to the famous American Revolution.

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