4 thoughts on “Math Problem of the Week #7

  1. Ok, this is a complete guess……….I am just throwing this out there! Is the probability that the red cube and the blue cube are on opposite ends the fraction 1/16?


  2. Nope! To find the answer, you can visualize the row as four empty spaces

    _ _ _ _

    If you put the red cube randomly in one of the spaces, the probability it is on one of the ends is 1/2, because 2 out of the four spaces are end spaces. You now have something like this:

    R _ _ _

    The blue cube will go in one of the other spots, and the probability it is also in one of the end spaces is 1/3, because the other end is taken by the red cube. You multiply the two probabilities together, getting 1/2 *1/3 = 1/6

    I gave a somewhat tricky one this time around 🙂


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