The ethical teachings of Jesus vs. the ethical behavior of Zeus

Jesus taught people about the kingdom of God, healed people, and cared for people. Jesus preached in the Jewish synagogues and called the people to repent from their sins. He called them to a higher ethical standard. Jesus, the Bible says, was sinless.

Jesus called sinners to repentance from their sins. He called them to love God and to love one another. Jesus commanded people to obey the commandments of God, even if the Pharisees didn’t think that they had too. The Pharisees said that you do not have to help your parents if they are in need, which was from the Mosaic law, as long as you said that the gift you are giving is “Corban” (a gift to the temple). Jesus rebuked the Pharisees actions openly and told them to help your parents if they are in need.

The sermon on the mount illustrates many of Jesus’ teachings. In his sermon on the mount, Jesus said that his followers were the salt and light of the earth. He commanded that they would minister to the people around them and that they would cause them to glorify God because of their good works.

Jesus called the people to a higher standard than what they had previously been used to. In the sermon on the mount, He took the ten commandments and other commands from the Old Testament and raised the standard.. Jesus said that the law said “Do not murder”, but He said that whoever hates his brother without a cause is also in danger of judgment.

He quoted the commandment “Do not commit adultery”, but told His listeners that if someone looks at a woman to lust after her, then that person has committed adultery in his heart. The law said that if someone divorces his wife, he should give her a certificate of divorce. But, Jesus said, anyone who divorces his wife for any cause except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery. It also said that people should not swear falsely, but should perform their oaths to the Lord. But, Jesus forbade oaths altogether. Jesus forbade his followers to try to pay people back for hurting them. He also said that we are to love our enemies and to do good to those who hate us. He told them that they were to be perfect, even as God is perfect.

The Greek god Zeus, on the other hand, was a very cruel and immoral person according to the Greek stories of him. He was in fear of one of his children taking his position from him, and he swallowed them alive so that they wouldn’t do so. Zeus continually betrays his wife, Hera, and has dozens of children with different goddesses and women. According to Greek myths, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind. Zeus punished mankind with Pandora, who opened a box out of which many evil things came. Mankind was punished even though they had done nothing evil. Even though Zeus was said to be just in some circumstances, much of his behavior was unjust and cruel.

There isn’t much comparison between Jesus’ teachings and Zeus’ behavior in Greek myths. Jesus calls upon his followers to obey God, and love him and other people around them, including their enemies. Zeus is selfish and does not hesitate to bring really cruel punishments on others for little or no good reason. Jesus on the other hand cares for others and serves them and deals in a just way with people.


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