Whether or not the Cyclopes in Homer’s Odyssey had a civilization & The impact of the ancient Greeks on western civilization.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Homer tells a story about a man named Odysseus. Odysseus went to the Trojan war and fought for ten years, then spent another ten years getting home. One particular event that Homer talks about is Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclopes. The Cyclopes were one-eyed giants who basically lived off the land and dwelt in caves. The cyclopes did not till the ground, but rather ate whatever grew on the island or ate their livestock. They didn’t have a government, but every cyclops was the ruler in his own household. They did not have ships, so they couldn’t go to a different island at all. Odysseus and his men went on the island to find out if these people were civilized or not. They went in the cave of a cyclops, desiring traditional Greek hospitality, but were trapped in the cave by the cyclops. The cyclops ate several of his men, but they manage to escape by the wits of Odysseus. From this, I would not say that the Cyclops really had a civilization because all they did was eat whatever they found and they showed cruelty to their guests.

The impact of ancient Greece on western civilization.

The ancient Greeks made several important contributions to western civilization. One such contribution was their emphasis on trying to find a natural reason for things, while before the Greeks had myths to explain things as they were. The Greek philosophers had many ideas on how the world works, and although they were not always right, they did impact a lot of western thinking in that people should try to find out natural reasons for the various phenomena in the world.


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