A discussion on a piece from the Geometric Period and the differences and resemblances between Greek and Hebrew religions.

This bronze sculpture of a horse from Greece dates from the 8th century BC. It exhibits many properties of this particular period of art in Greek history, which is known as the Geometric period. This period of Greek art is known for the great influence of Geometric figures in the works from this period. This horse has both the front and back connected by a cylinder and the snout has a cylindrical look to it as well, showing a standard geometric figure in the sculpture. The tail also descends straight down after a slight curve, making a straight line.

The Greek and Hebrew religions are quite different in many ways. One key difference is that the Hebrews believed in one God, Yahweh, while the Greeks believed in many gods. The Greeks even had a god for each family that they would offer sacrifices to, as well as the gods worshipped in the general public. Many of the Greek gods were associated with various things, such as a god of war, a god of the home, or a god of intellectual work, etc.

The Hebrews believed that God was the ruler of everything and that he was all-powerful and all knowing. The Greeks, on the other hand, did not think that their gods were all-powerful or all knowing, and that they could interfere with each other, could be stopped, did not know everything, etc. The Greeks portrayed their gods as basically super-humans who were immortal. Both peoples believed that their deity or deities were immortal and were more powerful than man. But, in my opinion, there are more differences than resemblances between the two religions.

The Hebrews believed that their God was good, while the Greeks did not always think that that was the case. Sometimes they thought that the gods were evil to man, and other times they were good. Western Religion has inherited more aspects of the Hebrew religion than the Greek religion.


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